“I was at Loitokitok district one day and it happened that I needed to send some relatively bulky files to my boss as they could not be done by my portable gadget but rather by a computer with some good reliable internet connectivity. I was in Rombo and after some inquiries I was directed to a popular ‘cyber’ rather a studio as they call it and I was told that they don’t provide internet services and I should head to the second after the nearest town which is Illasit. The nearest town Entarara had no cyber, nor even a single photocopy or printing machine.

I reached Illasit and headed to a cyber on your way to the Kenyan-Tanzania border where I was informed that I could only send and receive emails and download simple light-weight attachments. The attendant told me that any other internet uses are not offered as it is costly. Cost was not an issue to me as the situation I was in would made me incur anything. I was referred to again a second after the nearest town which is Loitokitok. The nearest town which was called Nkama was in the exact same state as Entarara.

I went to Loitokitok town and I found that there were numerous cyber cafés around and I thought that that seemed like it. I had around 100Mb of files to send to someone in Nairobi. Internet charges varied from 3Ksh a minute to 5Ksh a minute. With the thought that the most expensive service was the most reliable, I went for the 5Ksh a minute for a faster upload. To my amazement, the computers were extremely slow and the internet was not good either, In about 20 minutes I was at 4%. I went to another cyber and found out that the situation was the same as they were using the same internet providers, Safaricom Modems. Frustrated, I asked for another town with good connectivity but sadly someone told me that the next town Kimana is all the same.

It was then that I decided that I have to go to Nairobi, hand over the files and come back the following day as I had not finished my project yet. “

This is Brian’s story, who had a project in the region and couldn’t get satisfactory internet speeds at Loitokitok. For the serious investor, this is a good investment to start in the area, high end machines, high end printing and design services, good internet connectivity etc.

It is so funny that there are millions of ‘Vinyozis’, M-Pesa services and Boda Boda’s but no one has had an astray thought of a brilliant idea. There are few or no studios while there are many upcoming musicians in the region. At the moment there is only one supermarket in Loitokitok town so I can imagine if you Live in Rombo.

There are no decent hangout joints for the common resident and the younger generation, the few available are Miraa kiosks, cheap liquor kiosks and pool tables. It is funny that the younger generation is getting lost into these joints while schools have got football fields, volleyball and basketball courts and these cannot be used as people will bring damage to the institution. It is funny that there are no recreational facilities in the region, funny that the entire sub county has got no music halls for hire nor even someone to teach music. It is weird that the only people that the younger generation can look up to, are the teachers as most of the learned people have gone to the city for a better livelihood and are seen only during the December holidays with fancy cars and funny accent.

There needs to be a shed of light for the upcoming generation and there also needs to be ample light for the older generation. When I go to Loitokitok, I need to have more reasons not leave rather than more reasons on when to go back to my workplace!

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  1. We have to do something for steady development to be felt;but it’s absurd that we’ve all abandoned our motherland for the cities with the thought of tapping fortunes.
    We install more focus in the developed counties aiming at being employed and living a cosy lifestyle;Isn’t that achievable in Loitokitok?
    Do we expect strangers from elsewhere to come and tap the vast resources in Loitokitok? Or are we still on course?which if yes,is automatically towards the worst of times.
    We have to take this challenge with the sense of consideration it calls for lest the wrath of history will live to haunt us.

  2. Lol,
    This reminds me of an incidence that happened last December holidays. Our family is quite huge -10 kids all married with 1-3 kids- we were all home for the holidays. We could hardly fit in the available houses since they(my brothers) haven’t built homes .

    For the above reason a number of my brothers/brothers-in-law had to spend their nights in lodgings only to wake up and find there is no water!

    Yes. There is no water in Loitokitok yet Oltulesh water is used in kitengela-Ostritch Farm? How funny can this get!

    Long story short, they went to a neighboring lodge to shower

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