For those of you that don’t know, Bridge International Academies is a nationwide string of schools that offer the 8-4-4 curriculum to Kenyan students. With the best facilities and qualified young teachers, the string of academies not only provides quality education but also seeks to employ most of the young jobless youth in the society.

With radicality in society, with lack of exposure and full knowledge, one can easily corrupt the minds of the people in the society with half-baked truths and destructive propaganda. Some months ago, in Illasit town specifically, there was a demo from the society that the school is a devilish project funded by the Illuminati no wonder its immense growth. Rumor has it that the demo was instigated by the other academies that have found Bridge as an unfair competitor.

According to the comprehensive information on their website, the academy started in 2009 at Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum in Kenya. They offer quality education with just $5 a month on averageĀ and their plan is to educate 10 million pupils by 2025.

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Bridge academies have really bridged the gap between the pupils in public and academy schools and with its investments in technology, it has become one of the most affordable and of its kind in the country.

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  1. The schools are good and well equiped.. How I wish they could establish high schools as well. The Kilimanjaro(s), Purple Rose and other private insititutions must and should take and swallow the bitter pills called COPETITION

  2. Ltk mtabaki nyuma because of such backward mentality. Some people are sacrificing to ensure the poor is educated. A nephew of mine stayed at my place in Nairobi while on school holiday. I was amazed at how he felt about most people who were poor and now have some money. According to him and may be his mentors and peers, money is associated with Illuminati. How will such a form 1 student grow and develop? I visit Ltk more often. I grew up there and my mum is in Ltk. It’s a pity because when I land there in a new car that took me 8 years of saving, some feel this guy is not straight. When I go with a matatu or my old Starlet, they feel, the guy is trying. Iko nini?

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