The following article does not in whatsoever way represent the views of These are interview answers to questions sent to random personalities on social media. This article mainly focuses on how the society views our ladies and what thoughts they may have on them. is a website that enforces positive change to the society. It openly unveils the truth especially to our young generation so that they can see what the society views them. By Loitokitok ladies we mean areas from Imbirikani all the way to the deeper sides of Rombo!

In an interview conducted by the Loitokitok website, a random set of questions was sent to various persons from Loitokitok about our ladies in campuses, and in various places of work around major towns in Kenya and the results were shocking.

The following were issues that were addressed by the interviewees.


The mode of dressing for the ladies specifically at home is wanting. Their dressing during the festivities, in market days and Sundays is pathetic in a way to show the community that they have the best indecent wardrobe or they are just competing with others in the society. The amount of makeup on their faces make them look, (for lack of a better word) like prostitutes. It was said that these ladies have got no slightest sense of respect to the older men, they go with the Nairobi notion of My dress, My choice.

What thinks about this

Fashion is very distinct and broad, the same fashion that makes you walk half-naked is the same that will put you on a decent good dress which will be safe and perfect for your parents and the society as a whole! Ladies, put on a decent clothing while at home.


Loitokitok ladies are full of pride, they now have their own likes and dislikes, they rarely greet people at their home place and scorns them simply because they are a low life! They have adopted the Nairobi culture of belonging to a certain social class. They rarely talk to the guys they schooled with let alone the ones who live in the area. Their dialect has changed and they only talk to those who are a ‘someone’ in the society! They think of those currently in Loitokitok as people with no direction and if they associate with them, they will negatively impact their lives. views on this

Ladies, whether you like it or not, Loitokitok is your home. It doesn’t matter the number of people you will lie to that you come from the posh leafy suburbs, your parents gained that respect in the society so that they can raise you up. The same people in the society you scorn at, might have been your parents greatest pillar in their weakest of times! That person is same to your parent however uneducated, poor or dumb.


Most females from the place are known to fill the areas’ entertainment and nightlife spots especially during the festivities. Their way of dressing, no talk on that! Their ways of dancing is totally explicit and they tend to smoke a lot rather than drink a lot. Many say that these girls smoke shisha and most have overheard them saying that it should be mixed with some weedMost say that they often want to take photos of these girls and send them to their parents. They only restrain from doing this because they treat them like sisters who need guidance. Some have said that they no longer need any photos of them as these are full in their Instagram profiles, with pictures of them taking hard drugs while clubbing. Most Loitokitok ladies too only recognize the males from home whenever they have money and are clubbing, after that, these males are seen as nothing.

What has to say on this

You can’t live a double life, one of a saint and yet one of a demon. You cannot be both hot and cold. Party, yes but don’t go to the extremes. Don’t strip naked to prove to the society that you are the one who parties the most. Don’t shout to the world about what you do, about how your lifestyle is as people would put you on a scale and those who thought so well of you will regard you as garbage. Remember there are also those small girls who see you as their mentor and would like to be everything like you, but Lo! If only they knew!


Many young Loitokitok ladies have no respect for their own parents let alone the elderly. They have totally discontinued their role in the society. Their mothers do their washing, cook for them and wash the dishes as they sit all day stuck to their laptops, Tv and their phones. Someone wouldn’t want their nails to …. This is a First or rather  a Very Fast World Problem. The role of the girl child has been taken by their mothers. Their mothers also cover their own mess by raising their own kids. These are the kids they begot while in Campus and it is so funny that these same girls get kids and give to their mothers while they are still working! They also dislike the society in such when their clubbing counterparts are not there, they stick to their homes watching Tv, playing Candy Crush  and WhatsApping friends from Nairobi. They don’t pay visits to their once beloved neighbors nor friends. Views

Many people would want to be in Loitokitok. Trust me that it is more than a place to be. We, the young generation tend to dislike our home simply because people will say something bad about us, people will be on our feet, but you Know what? ‘YOU DON’T LIVE FOR THEM!’ Explore your home, mingle with people, smile to them, talk to those who didn’t make it like you, trust me the smile, the happiness of that old man or woman, the joy in the heart of that unfortunate childhood friend are blessings, this is what makes you make it in Nairobi. This sincere love is what protects you from all evil in Nairobi. How many girls get drugged and get trafficked? How many girls are murdered by their boyfriends? How many girls are in therapy because of depression? How many girls commit suicide because of low self esteem? How many girls are kidnapped by old male psychos? How many girls are raped and murdered in campus? And why hasn’t all these happened to you? It is the prayer of the society that keeps you strong! It is the number of the many men and women in the society who mention you in their prayers that “God protects our kids in Nairobi?” And trust me God hears all that. And what do we give them in return? Scold? Disrespect? Plain dumb faces? Trust me it kills them inside but you know what? They will never CEASE praying for you! Just a simple question to end my long conversation, Are you living the life your children will want to live?

Change another person’s thoughts and actions! For A better Loitokitok. #Loitokitok4Loitokitok #LoitokitokLove

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