Entarara Youth Drugs
Entarara Youth Drugs

Entarara town, second from Illasit, is one of the dormant towns in Loitokitok region. The town primarily constitutes most youth who are lost into game of pool, illiteracy and drugs. The literacy levels in the town are very low and that explains the inability of the town to grow.

Most youth in Entarara are half baked in education. Most of them drop out of school and end up in town hanging with the lot who hang around pool and miraa dens in the evenings. Entarara youth have the notion of ujamaa based on the fact that someone else from home who is my brother will always hold my back.

Entarara youth are relaxed with life and do not give themselves any challenges in life. They have the set mentality of their fore fathers. Provided you have inherited land, get a wife and settle. Do some manual labor and life goes on. This is because of the rift between the learned and unlearned in Entarara. The learned youth have not set up a good example that the unlearned and younger generation can emulate. Any drop out from Entarara would tell you that they wouldn’t wan’t to be like the learned because of how they brag and distance them from the community.

The youth, have a bond, they would inform each other of any new untapped seasonal business opportunities that may arise but end up later in the evening in the dens to drink illicit wines and spirits, smoke and gamble all what they made for the day on pool games. Many live in their parent’s houses and the community mostly see them as a disgrace.

School girls in Entarara get pregnant at a very tender age and sadly the fathers of this kids are gambling in pools in the town and chewing miraa. These kids are usually raised by their grandmothers and makes it hard for the others to go past primary school and thus they end up getting married at a very tender age resulting into two immature kids getting married which lasts barely two months and the girls go back to their homes with scars from daily beatings from their husbands.

The question should not be what the government is doing or what the police should do. We have a tendency of blaming the authorities for mistakes we the society do. What programs can we, as a community put in place for these youth? For these frequent pregnancies? What plan can the elders in the society have that can be involved incognito with the government administration to see that the generation is not rotten? Should a village boy impregnate a primary school girl and walk free? Should a village boy beat a school girl to death and walk free? Should the society allow marriage of kids not of the age?

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