Loitokitok is just a peaceful, mellow and a serene place to be. It is only 227 kilometers from Nairobi to Loitokitok on road. Loitokitok is only 51km from the largest park in the area Amboseli National Park. Enjoy life in the wild at lodges and cottages in Amboseli e.g. Sopa, Sentrim, AA, Serena, Kibo Slopes etc. The most stunning of all is the view of the tallest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro. Take a ride in a hot air balloon as you enjoy the view of the park, take shots of the terrain, the mountain and the wildlife. Every lodge has got a cultural center where you can view and purchase artifacts and ornaments.

Tour Kimana town that has awesome nightlife and entertainment, take a view of the agricultural areas in the region and most of all take a good view of the sunset at Kimana as the land is relatively flat. Engulf into mystery and visit Nolturesh Water Project, the largest water project in the county, visit the natural streams and enjoy the gurgling of the water as it hits the banks, good for people who love to meditate.

My friend from halisee.wordpress.com had some few shots in an album he named, “The Loitokitok Chronicles” On click, these images take you to his blog.

Sunset in Kimana

Pictures speak a thousand words enjoy the site of this gallery.

Taking a shot as sunrise in Kimana


Morning Dew! What A View!

I am still speechless on the masterly of the shot!

Mt Kilimanjaro Kibo peak
This will make anyone homesick
That bird is just…. very familiar!
Cloudy Mt Kilimanjaro

Photo Credits according to halisee.wordpress.com go to ”

“Photo Credits to this talented young man – Nick, such a gifted soul. And of course your boy Kimmey Kim of Halisee 🙂 Peace!”

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