A search on Google with the keywords ‘banana stem sanitary towels’ returns pages of results on an innovation that was made by two Kenyan students, Paul Ntikoisa and Ivy Etemesi.

Having featured on over 15 local and international websites, he undoubtedly tops the list of Featured Heroes column. Paul Ntikoisa hails from Enterkesi area, a small village in Maasai land past a town called Rombo. Many just see him as a normal, quiet Maasai moran and don’t know how proud he has made the region of Loitokitok.

Paul Ntikoisa recently graduated his Bachelor’s in education. He was a student at Kabarak University in which the university ranked the innovation number one in the Kabarak University International Conference. Coming from a tribe where male chauvinism is vehement, Mr. Paul chooses to illuminate the cry of the girl child as he talks to the Standard that;

“While conducting our research, school going girls claimed they are forced to stay at home during their menses due to shame whenever they soil their uniforms. Women said they abstain from going to church due to stigma.”
He also says in The African Woman that in his village in Oloitoktok in Kajiado County, talking about menstrual periods is in itself an abomination that can earn one a warning from the elders.
The Standard credits this is a well-spirited research and praises the two for being positively inclined to social change.
For those that think that this was just a row on a shallow river, their feature in The Guardian say that they took 6 months on research only and amazingly the pair said that in selected areas of Baringo county [in the Rift valley], some women and girls had no idea what pads were and, if they did, they could not afford them. Some feared that if they used them they could contract a disease that ate their flesh and bones.

The African Woman explain that the two are geared towards saving the poor school girls and women from the trauma of their menses with their great innovation that if invested upon, will see a sanitary pad cost Kshs. 7.

Ntikoisa is blessed with ideas, he is currently working on something and he will make it as he believes he can.

Our country is a nation of great ideas, it consists of people who are devoted to see a positive change in the society. I believe it took the duo sleepless nights to come up with the innovation. Many websites will feature them, many articles will be put to paper but, how is the society and the government facilitating the implementation of these? Do we fear killing external industries if we invest on our own?

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