A recent article raised by a print press in Tanzania focused on how women from Rombo District in Tanzania are hiring men from Kenya, specifically from the Kenya – Tanzania border for sex as their men are drunk, disorderly and cannot perform their role as husbands and men in general. These women target the young and energetic men who can perform what their husbands cannot perform.

The society has seen most young men migrate to Tanzania mainly in search of better lives but most of them end up to be sex toys of the wealthy sugar mummies in the land. As most women are entrepreneurial and own bars and shops, the young men are lured into these fangs of adultery as these women are wealthy. The young men end up used and wasted as they hop from one sugar mummy to another.

Think of the infectious diseases that they may contact. Think of the time they waste thinking they own the world. Think of the example they set to the younger siblings. Who is to shed the light?



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