Mshairi Mamboleo (Dominic Kahura)
Mshairi Mamboleo (Dominic Kahura)

Dominic Kaura was born, brought up and studied in Loitokitok town. At an early age, he was passionate about poetry in which he represented his primary school Chief Ole Mutury to the nationals. He later joined Oloitokitok Boys High School in which he authored the 2010 school’s year magazine.

After school he wrote and directed scripts for the local institutions like his former high school, Enkii Secondary, Kimana Secondary and Oloile primary school to the metropolitan levels. With his passion for art, he acted the national curriculum set-books at the Kenya National Theatre.

Mamboleo performing on stage
Dominic performing on stage

It was then that Dominic branded himself as “Mshairi Mamboleo” being passionate in the Kiswahili Language. He has performed along the Mrisho Mpoto, an Eastfrican poetry legend and a play by a Nigerian playwright called Africa Kills Her Sun. Mamboleo has also performed at the Churchill Raw poetry segment.

He has also performed at the African Liberation Day 2014.

Currently, Mamboleo is a recording and a performing poet and hosts a mini show at Royal Media’s Radio Citizen called “Mambo Leo Na Mamboleo”

He is a powerful MC who sleeps not on his dreams. He has grown into heights being an inspiration to many artists who would want to perform their art. He is visionary and focused despite humble backgrounds and obstacles that prove to be inevitable setbacks. Loitokitok is surely proud of him.



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