You probably never knew where your county’s border starts. But thanks to us you will soon be in the confusion of where your county’s border extends as soon as you finish reading this post. There has been a strife between the counties of Kajiado and Makueni over their territorial borders. Kajiado claims that Makueni county is has declared Kajiado land some few kilometers off the railway while Makueni insists that they rightfully own the land.

The following are photos detailing the feud


Emali was a vast and popular trading point between the Maasai and the Akamba long time ago. Some say that the railway line was the border between the two counties but Makueni claim some portion of land past the railway line to be theirs. Another Migingo saga mushrooming?

These are news you wouldn’t probably hear in the media or see them published on the county’s website or even hear your local government representative tell you. The big question is, who wins?




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