Illicit brew Kenya
Illicit brew Kenya

Illicit brew, that is the song being sang across the nation. The same corrupt officers who take their cut from these dens are the same who are now on the fore-front in the fight against these brews. Hypocrisy at its best. We have witnessed the pouring of these brews, the burning and even the sacking of chiefs who refused to cooperate in the exercise.

Entrepreneurs have incurred loses as both the licit and illicit brews are destroyed. As these exercises are carried out nationwide, am left to wonder if they are carried out in Kajiado South. Other areas of Kajiado have had the exercise carried out but, is this or has this been done in Kajiado South? Where are the women who were beating their drunk husbands in illicit brew dens in Rombo and Nkama? Why are there any news on these?

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