Group Ranch Politics
Group Ranch Politics

The Group Ranches politics in Loitokitok is currently reaching high voltage like never before. It seems the level of mass-consciousness has suddenly reached maturity level with continued hoodwinking and manipulation finally screeching to a halt. After a narrow win by the Kuku former officials, even after vigorous campaign by area MP and a rich foreign investor, other Group Ranches are picking the clue and are determined to spearhead the so called people’s revolution against the retrogressive status quo.

Already the Eselenkei Group Ranch has blazed a trail by becoming the first one to reject former officials. Their election was held on 27th August after a spirited attempt by incumbent officials with assistance from area MP to postpone the elections. Sources from the ground revealed that area MP sent high-powered bunch of cohorts to try and neutralize the simmering revolution. However it bore no fruits. Apparently, the determined opposition led by the likes of Eric Kesoi and the youthful Stephen Munde refused to be bought and finally romped home with a landslide victory.

The victory of the opposition in Eselenkei has triggered a chain-reaction with a knock-on effect in other Group Ranches. For instance, the Rombo, Loolarrashi and Imbirikani Group Ranches are in upbeat mood with readiness to upset the status quo. Rombo whose elections were set for 20th August, postponed it to December due to disagreement on mode of election. The Imbirikani GR is embroiled in a battle over the alleged leasing of 3000 acres to a cement investor without the members’ consent.

The Oloolarrashi GR is boiling underneath with no light at the end of the tunnel for current officials. There are numerous corruption allegations against sitting officials.

It is instructive to note that the current wind of change in Maasailand which seems unstoppable; is being spearheaded by the educated youths who are becoming increasingly disillusioned by years of retrogressive politics and economic ruin. The powerful force of the youth is being given impetus by the mere fact that they are not gullible to be hoodwinked by politicians and their henchmen.

It is expected that this ultra-revolutionary faction of a largely conservative community, will finally find a creative response to their peoples’ predicament.

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