There are demonstrations going on over the proposed second Imbirikani cement factory. Members of the Imbirikani Group Ranch are up in arms over the committee’s alleged endorsement of the plan to set up the plant without the express go-ahead approach from the members.

The demonstrators, who have completely blocked the Emali-Loitokitok road between Olng’osua and Isinet, are furious that the committee members have been engaged in a clandestine move to lease 3000 acres belonging to their Group Ranch.

This is the second week of demonstrations after a similar one which took place last week which also blocked the busy road.

Group Ranches in Maasailand are a source of incessant quarrels. There is jostling for leadership, political interference, problem on registration and systemic corruption.  For the underlying reasons, court battles are the order of the day.

Which way Maasai?       




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Sironka Ole Masharen
Sironka Ole Masharen was born in Kuku village in 1964. He attended Illasit Primary School, Oloitokitok Boys Secondary Schools and Muguga High for his A-Levels. He rose to be a student leader at Kenyatta University crowned as the KUSA Chairman. He has taught in several Secondary Schools since 1991 and even served as a principal until the year 2003. He was briefly involved in parliamentary politics. He is a prolific writer, having authored the famous "Maasai Pioneers". He is currently researching, writing and authoring Maasai books. Email: