It appears teachers are not heeding to the court order and the government’s directive to reopen schools. Teachers in Loitokitok have not resumed work saying they will only adhere to orders from their union leaders. The KNUT and KUPPET have called on the teachers to stay out of work until Thursday while they wait for the interpretation of the court order. They have vowed not to call off the strike until the government and TSC meet certain specific conditions one of them being withdrawing the pending appeal case set to be heard today.

Most teachers and parents are of the opinion that the issue of teachers’ strikes be resolved once and for all. They are apparently tired of incessant strikes year come year go which they say only serve to hurt the innocent children.

In the meantime, parents and pupils have been plunged into the quagmire of uncertainty after the decision by the teachers to heed the call by their unions’ officials. Despair and cynicism is slowly replacing hope and optimism!

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Sironka Ole Masharen
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