The Loitokitok Website decided to sink its head in the sand for quite a while and its readers were left wondering what took the best of the site. The emails streaming into the editor’s mailbox were demanding and the board had to sit and restructure.

The Loitokitok Instagram page stood the test of time as it kept giving feed of the latest photos of the area. It is also through this that it has gained popularity surpassing the dormant Twitter and Facebook pages.

The website is of a new structure, look and feel with a new subscribe popup that allows users to any posts that may be published. The theme in place is optimized for all gadgets has this appealing feel that will let the user browse more content hence reducing the bounce rate. New authors are in place with new columns rolled out, the latest being Know Your Law.

The panel seems to be focused keep the site active to keep the reader afloat with the latest news, opinion and entertainment news. How will the readers react to this new change?




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