Why Kajiado County Should Adopt GIS Technology
Why Kajiado County Should Adopt GIS Technology

I am enthusiastic about Sustainable management of our resources and I am delighted to share this article with the people of Kajiado County. I believe that our county is endowed with so much resources and the potential is yet to be fully realised. Our resources span from wildlife, Arable agricultural land, grazing rangelands, ethnic diversity and a hotbed of cultural heritage.
Spatial knowledge is of importance to our society and county administration in many aspects. It is knowing where our resources are located on the ground to assist in making informed and holistic decisions for planning and management of county resources.
I believe that the Planning and management of county resources and infrastructure in this digital age must be guided by Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and it is important that our county government administrators embrace GIS technology by setting up a GIS department that is going to be responsible for collection and integration of Geo-data for analysis and decision making.
Through this, we will have stepped up efforts towards sustainable Agricultural, Livestock, towns and range-lands development. In this light, we will be able to facilitate and come up with more workable solutions to challenges faced by our communities. For example, GIS technology is a tool that can be used to identify possible locations for livestock watering points and clean drinking water points for community members saving them long travel times and distance in search of the same.
GIS technology will also inform on agricultural best practices. When Geo-data is collected, analysed and presented in form of digital maps, it can be used to primarily inform farmers of different locations on how to maximize returns from their farm lands. By being aware of the variables in farming e.g. Soil types, temperature, rainfall, and climatic conditions, it makes it easier and better for the county government to recommend most suitable crop varieties which are drought resistant and high yielding to farmers and in turn break the monotony of maize and beans which have over the recent years been disappointing to farmers in Kajiado County.

Kajiado County Locational map new
Kajiado County Locational map

Geographically referenced data can also be used to produce maps that pinpoint households that need special attention, those in very low income areas or situated in areas along wildlife migratory corridors. This way, we will be a step ahead towards alleviating poverty and providing timely response to special needs. Mapping wildlife migration routes and conflict hotspots will reduce cases of human-wildlife conflicts which has been common in the county.
GIS technology is undoubtedly a cross-cutting tool that needs to be integrated fully within our county government to address everyday social, economic and environmental challenges; by mapping out the demography, agriculture, education, health, natural resources, water, infrastructure and the cultural heritage of our county. This is a tool that is going to assist us in the planning of towns and public utilities. It will also save us from perennial loss of livestock and crops to drought.

Our county has the potential to step up and be globally competitive by changing our approach to problem solving by being efficient using Geo-information Systems. This way we will also be on the frontline in aligning to the newly adopted Global Goals/ Sustainable Development Goals.

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Amboseli Poster Presentation

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  1. Tony Toikan, I am proud to be associated with you and we owe the community lots of advisory notes. Your latest information service is top of the notch and request all other technocrats to come out with all sorts of good ideas to enrich the Maa Community. Thanks severally, Tony Toikan our real son of the Soil!

  2. Good work Tony this will save as from poor farming patterns.Kajiado county will be on the map for more exploration too.

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