Driving licenses has been what Loitokitok youths lack despite them finding means of livelihood on the roads of Kimana, Loitokitok, Illasit, Entarara and Rombo in their bodabodas and small vehicle transport operations. The fee of acquiring a normal driving license is around Ksh. 10,000. For quite a period of time now, the CDF has been providing free driving and riding training to the youth of Loitokitok. Last year the program benefited 100 youths.

This year the program has seen 200 youths benefiting from the program. The youth are spread across the 5 wards in the constituency. The exercise kicked off on Friday 29th of January 2016 in Kimana. Training vehicles will be available later this week in Loitokitok and Isinet. The program not only provides training for the youth but also aids in processing their driving licenses and perform a graduation ceremony for them.

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