Uhuru Congratulates Yoweri Museveni
Uhuru Congratulates Yoweri Museveni

When John Magufuli beat Mr. Edward Lowassa in the October 2015 Tanzanian elections, it took the president a week to send a congratulatory note to the then president elect.

Similar was the case in the peaceful Nigerian election, which saw a sitting head of state (Goodluck Jonathan) the first in the history of Africa to lose a shot at a second term in office.

Yet an exception to this trend was witnessed on Saturday when it took President Kenyatta barely hours after the results were announced to Congratulate his Ugandan counterpart on his controversial victory.

“I am very pleased to congratulate His Excellency Yoweri Museveni on his re-election as President of the Republic of Uganda. The people of Uganda have spoken very clearly. We respect their choice of President Museveni.” Wrote Mr. Kenyatta on his Facebook page on Saturday evening, hours after the Ugandan Electoral Commission announced results of the controversial elections.”

Kenyatta, who beat all the other African head of states to the punch, was first to send a congratulatory note to Museveni, much to the fury of fellow Kenyans, who chose to sympathize with the plight of Ugandan opposition front runner Kiza Besigye, who is still on house arrest since the results were announced.

Museveni won a landslide victory, 60% to the oppositions 35%. International observers have termed the pole as a sham, and question the authenticity of the said results.

Kenyatta and Museveni are perceived as close allies, given Museveni’s efforts to rally fellow African leaders against the recent ICC indictment of President Kenyatta.

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