William Ruto & GIdeon Moi
William Ruto & GIdeon Moi

As the next general elections draw ever closer, the air in the famous rift over country gets ever fouler as a proverbial brawl ensues between political heavyweights in the region in a bid to win the Kalenjin Communities’ support. Armed to the tooth in their respective corners and political party outfits, Kanu’s self-proclaimed Messiah Gideon Moi and Deputy President William Ruto of Jubilee are finding the space in the region ever so smaller as they keep on stepping on each other’s toes over which line the Kalenjin Community should toe when D-Day is finally upon us in 2017.

The dispute, which is seen by many to have risen to new heights, has now attracted the involvement of Kalenjin elders from Nandi, Tugen, Sabaot, Kipsigis and Keiyo communities, including the Largest of them all, Former President Daniel T. Moi.

Hosting the elders in his Kabarak home on Monday, the agenda is said to have focused primarily on ensuring that the dispute does not end up disarming what turned out to be an efficient political machine during the last general election.

The elders reportedly asked Moi to reign in his son and the DP because their fight was exposing itself as a weakness that could be exploited by other communities in the future.

The elders encouraged political competition without hurting efforts to galvanize the community on a common path during the next Election.


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