Voter Registration
Voter Registration

The end of another term is all too close, and the scores of our respective political representatives are in. Reminiscent of our school days, a recursive question is again is upon us. Shall we as voters decide to reward this list from the bottom up?

Like a speck of dust stuck in the air with 14 million plus others, our political choice often feels too small of a contribution. And like a cliché timed to unfold every five years, we tend to rally ourselves behind the tyranny of numbers. A tyranny that forever continues to enslave us along with the bright future that so many fought to give rise to.

And so they like to keep us confused. They tell us that they’re in our best interest. Can’t you see that the ‘others’ are out there to get us? They distort the information. Convey its refined perversion. The less we know the less we care.

We’re often told to make the right political choice. But who is the right political choice? It’s no secret under the sun that there’s no Messiah among us here on earth, and our life situations vary from person to person; Student, Mother, Unemployed, Business man, Disabled. Shall we elect representatives that personify our need to be catered for in those respective roles fate fits us in, or shall we let a familiar, more sinister evaluation index (tribe) make that decision for us?

The very essence of democracy is to ‘make your political choice.’ Our vote is our choice, our choice is our life and our life is our truth. Don’t let anyone steal your truth away from you. Register today and make YOUR political choice.

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