Hospital Strike
Hospital Strike

The workers in Loitokitok District Hospital are on strike due to low pay and to what they termed over-working. The staff say that they are burdened with work and their low pay of Ksh. 5,500 would not sustain their unending needs especially in this pressing economy.

This started as a go slow process when the operations in the hospital were stagnating in the previous weeks starting from the mortuary to the casualty. A normal casual worker in Oloitokitok e.g. someone working in a farm gets an amount of Ksh. 300 per day working from 8am to 1pm but it is ironical someone working in a district hospital gets Ksh. 180 per day working from 6.30am to 6.00pm.

The county government should now look into the deplorable conditions of the hospitals and its staff. It is high time we stop these deaths caused by the wanting state of our hospitals.

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