William Ngene
William Ngene

Yesterday, William Ngene Njuguna appeared before Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo charged with the offense of breaching the constitutions protected areas act.

But unlike other defendants previously prosecuted on the same act, the protected area Mr. Ngene breached happened to be State House Nairobi.

Mr. Ngene, a cart driver in Nairobi’s environs, humored Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo and the court saying that he was “satisfied after his visit there, though security interrupted him before he got a good peek of the place.”

Excited by the incident, the public on social media appealed for a quick release of Mr. Ngene without conviction. In his defense, one person said

“The United States conducts public tours of the White House accessible to anyone. I see no possible reason why State House should not follow suit #ReleaseWilliamNgene”

Magistrate Ogembo ruled that he remain in police custody awaiting the preparation of a report on him that will be presented by prosecution before he is sentenced, after Ngene’s admission of guilt.

Ironically Stephen Ouma, a photography blogger did his story at Uhuru Park. Read it here

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