A group of youth in Loitokitok who move agendas by the hashtag #IAmTeamLoitokitok have decided to petition over the inhumane acts against Loitokitok patients after an article posted in the Loitokitok Website moved their hearts especially on the social platform.

The following are some of the sentiments that were made about the status of the hospital

“I just took a child with a broken bone in his hand…I couldn’t Imagine I had to purchase plaster bandages from a private clinic…a whole level 4 hospital can’t have this??”

“The conditionnof loitokitok hospital nakuambia is very sad n sickening my brother…..
1. Hakuna a real emergency section well equiped with no clear entrances
2. Laxity from doctors
3. No beds n curtains to seperate these beds spaces
4. No basic icu
5. In short hakuna equipments
Zilienda wapi na kitambo it was a good hospital u know….
Nlienda huko for treatment nkiwa loitokitok I had to refuse kutibiwa after seing all this I had to go back to nairobi
Mimi hawa politicians wote watolewe wote
We need fresh blood with new vision for loitokitok away from our TRIBAL CACOONS 😰😰😰😰
Watu wanapelekwa sijui wapi huko tz like an emergency that way we loose lots of lives u know….”

“The state at which Loitokitok hospital is, I dont think should even wait next election. Health is ultimate goal of man WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW!!!”

“Hatuchoki na hatutoki hatunyamazi…..
We as the youths should empower ourselves and actualy put leaders who have intrests in our agendas…
Away from our tribal descriptions”

“I want to tell the current leaders especially the min of health Kajiado county,you must recognize health care is our right & not a privilege.”

Patient at Loitokitok District Hospital


It is with this that the team has petitioned in the change.org website demanding for the rights of the voiceless who cannot defend themselves. They are determined to win. The group is making bold moves in contacting any human rights organizations, NGOs or any other organization ready to hear their plea. They said it is better to do something than stand and watch.

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