Jubilee Alliance Party
Jubilee Alliance Party

It was a busy Wednesday for the President and his Deputy William Ruto this week as they went up and down the vastness of Nakuru County in an effort to increase the popularity of their soon to be Jubilee Party.

The party, which is intended to be a merger of all its affiliates, has seen a rough day in light of revelation of its unveiling as forces both within and without the party have seen it their mission to express their dissatisfaction over all that they perceive to be wrong with it.

Chief on this list of disgruntled parties, but never out rightly mentioned in any one of the stop byes the President and the Deputy made was undoubtedly KANU.

“We are telling those criticizing us, it is okay to be in the Opposition, but it is not right to engage in bad politicking,” said the President.

Conveniently absent on all the stop overs Baringo Senator and Kanu front man Gideon Moi, who in the past has been openly critical about the new political outfit.

The Deputy was to later lead the public in a call and response slogan saying “Jubilee tuko Pamoja,” urging them not to be dissuaded by their rivals.

The move is seen by analysts as a response to the rising popularity of Kanu in the Rift Valley amid a fading Jubilee Alliance, which has previously seen better days in the region.

The President made several stops in Eldama Ravine on his way to Njoro, addressing the public gathered on the roadsides.

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