A friend was ‘measuring my stupidity’ he asked me, “You claim to be a writer, now, in 4 words, write the saddest story.” I wrote, “He Cried, ‘Sportpesa inanyonya’.”

Most of my friends are gambling. I was in shock that even my female friends are well aware of the odds (which I really don’t know about) and were also speculating on which team is most likely to win. I know nothing about Sportpesa, or how to sign up or how to really gamble, am neither a football fan but trust me if Sportpesa was as rampant during my my Campus years, I maybe would be a football die-hard and a gambler.

Campus life is not easy. It is a battle between the worldly student life and the student. You want to show off, you want to dress well, you want to party, you want to fit a certain class etc. This forces one to look for that extra coin. In my time at campus, we used to work, I remember I had friends who would get to Gikomba at very odd hours to fetch those ‘camera shirts’, another was doing ‘mitumba shoes’, another was making customized ankara shorts and shoes, another was deejaying and I was crazily looking for those IT jobs; busy repairing other student’s laptops, advertising online etc. All these was not easy. As we talked with friends about business, no one said he/she was doing really well, but we had the few coins to survive, not struggling to fit into a certain class or show off to your peers.

Times have changed and the society shows the youth that everything is that simple. That it takes little or no time to get rich, gone are the days of hustle and striving much to get what you want. The youth think that provided you are bright, you are famous and have ‘connections’,  you really don’t want to work as hard as everything falls into place. Some have toiled hard to no avail and the only solution that pass their mind is gambling on Sportpesa. It is through peer pressure that the youth engage in these acts. They have the notion that Ksh.100 lost on gambling is no big deal.

The country’s state of unemployment is also to blame but should not act as the core reason as to why the youth should gamble. Many have lost their lives, lost monies meant for fees, house rents and have even go to the extremes of treachery just to get that something to bet on. It all falls back to the society, the pinch is felt by the parent/guardian. Villagers will go nuts when they hear that the huge sum they contributed in the ‘harambee’ went all to waste, through gambling.

Proverbs 12:24 New International Version (NIV)

Diligent hands will rule,
    but laziness ends in forced labor.

Dear youth, nothing comes easy, nothing just comes on a silver platter, you have to work for it. Do not be intrigued by, ‘Mother of two wins jackpot’ or ‘Young girl gets 22M’ this is all luck. Toil like the rest and in due season you will reap what you sow. Remember easy come easy go. Forget how corrupt or unfair Kenya is, forget how the unemployment rate is, strive to be better, be the change you want to see in Kenya. It starts with you, and that involves you working, building links and bridges that will help you cross to the future. Let’s strive to make Kenya a forward moving working nation and not a gambling nation. Let me also assure you one thing, wealth doesn’t come in the snap of your fingers, you have to toil for it, patience is key.

Proverbs 13:4

A sluggard’s appetite is never filled,
    but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.




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