Two people are reported dead after a peaceful demonstration turned sour in Imbirikani. It is alleged that some leaders of the group ranch leased 1,000 acres to an international cement factory in Athi River. This made demonstrators who happened to Maasai morans to barricade the Emali-Loitokitok road.

The demo turned sour after a civilian in possession with a gun shot a policeman killing him, an action that made the police retreat from the scene. The policemen requested reinforcement from the GSU officials who arrived several hours later. It is alleged that the GSU officials fired in the air to scare the morans but they remained bold and confronted the officers.

It is reported that the GSU officers had to use live bullets, an action that led to the death of one person. The GSU officials managed to secure the road freeing over a thousand cars caught in traffic held back by the ordeal.



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