The Imbirikani saga has had a lot of rumor and propaganda on social platform after we highlighted it. In a previous post by Sironka ole Masharen on the 21st of September 2015, he stated that Group Ranches in Maasailand are a source of incessant quarrels. There is jostling for leadership, political interference, problem on registration and systemic corruption. For the underlying reasons, court battles are the order of the day.

Stories making rounds on social media are that the people were hired and ferried by canters to the scene, the people were given guns to show their impact, others say it was to tarnish a politicians name etc. According to an article in the Standard, police say they arrested 69 university students who had been ferried there to cause the chaos and they would be arraigned on Monday. The injured include an officer and four civilians who are nursing gun wounds at Makindu hospital. The Imbirikani Group Ranch is estimated to be around 10,000 acres in size and it is owned by around 4,500 locals.

The question is, who armed these civilians? Under what directive did they open fire? Was this really a peaceful demonstration or was it a suicide mission? It is alleged that the civilian who possessed the gun fled before the GSU could get a hold of him. Sironka ole Masharen, well conversant with Maasai history and their emerging issues had said in a previous article that the demonstrators are furious that the committee members have been engaged in a clandestine move to lease 3000 acres belonging to their Group Ranch.

Imbirikani Group Ranch Chaos
A GSU official watches the damage caused in the Imbirikani Group Ranch Chaos

In another article he wrote on September the 16th 2015, Sironka explains how these chaos are heated up by politics. He states that;

It is instructive to note that the current wind of change in Maasailand which seems unstoppable; is being spearheaded by the educated youths who are becoming increasingly disillusioned by years of retrogressive politics and economic ruin. The powerful force of the youth is being given impetus by the mere fact that they are not gullible to be hoodwinked by politicians and their henchmen.

It is expected that this ultra-revolutionary faction of a largely conservative community, will finally find a creative response to their peoples’ predicament.

Imbirikani Group Ranch Chaos
Police car hit by demonstrators in the Imbirikani Group Ranch Chaos

It is evident that new fresh blood is used to fuel these series of inhumane acts. Educated youth in the county are being used as scapegoats submerging them into destructive politics that protect the interests of the perpetrators and what results is their deaths and arrests. If this issue has been progressive, why has it never been solved? Who came to the rescue when the series of demos became rampant?

Some are in for it and some are against. There are so negative comments on the social space advocating for the killings. The sad thing that this is backed by untrue information, false stories and propaganda. I believe that the more these biased and misleading information continue to make rounds, the more the harm, the more the negative mentality and hate speech that divides the county as a whole.

Which way Kajiado County?

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