H.E the county governor David Nkedianye is today at Imbirikani to address a gathering on the issue of land following the recent demonstrations that led to the death of two people.


The meeting convened by the governor has seen a large turnout and in what people have termed it as professional and thoughtful. This is in effort to harmonize the tussle that saw the group ranch leaders allegedly lease 3000 acres of land without the consent of other members.

His excellency the governor assured the residents that the lease will not take place. He also said that posters will be erected to say that the land is owned by Imbirikani Group ranch and buyers or people leasing should beware. He affirmed that all the land’s revenue will be audited and he asked the members to convene a meeting to elect their leaders.


The political tussle in Kajiado South has seen the rift between the local MP and the governor with people on either side putting blame and claiming to have more gathering. It is the residents hope that these meetings solve this scandal that led to the arrest of the Kajiado Youth Alliance youth and leave the community in a state of unrest.

It is also said that the governor aided the release of the arrested morans and students.

Photo Credit: Jacinta Lepaiton



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