Kenya risks a possible ban from the Olympics, which take place later this year in Brazil after the athletics body failed to meet a stringent deadline to prove to the World Anti-Doping agency (WADA) it is tackling cheating in athletics.

This comes after a spate of positive drug tests among top athletes in the country, and allegations of corruption.

WADA, which says that Kenya has not been able to provide assurances it is seeking will be now be placed on a watch list of nations at risk of breaching the agency’s code.

The Country’s Olympics Committee, had previously been given two months to bring in new legislation and funding or automatically be declared non- compliant missed the deadline to submit documentation of supportive evidence of the establishment of an independent Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya yesterday.

Since 2011, more than 40 athletes have failed drug tests. As of January 2016, 18 Kenyan athletes were suspended for doping, with the best known Rita Jeptoo, who has won the Boston and Chicago marathons.

Lillian Moraa Mariita was given the longest ban- eight years, for taking steroids.

Sports CS Hassan Wario sought to quell fears of a possible ban when he appeared before the Labour Committee, re-assuring them that the athletics body has met most of the requirements.

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