Let’s say your eyes are stuck on your gadget reading this post. You have had that king’s breakfast, you are just from that tea break, you are preparing for lunch and your day is just faring on well and swift. Perhaps you are not that well endowed but you took that plain tea in the morning, not concentrated on milk but at least it was brown and those little granules of sugar made it a bit tasty.

You are well-dressed, of perfect health and maybe you wondering you need a bigger TV screen or a bigger couch or you have been so stuck at work of late and you think that you need a holiday off to somewhere, away from humanity, somewhere quiet with that background Bossa music and a surreal environment of paintings and works of art around you. Again if you are not of that scale, you are thinking of when end month will suffice with liquidity in cash as you sit down drafting plans of how to sort the debts of Njoro, Wahome, Jaymo, Otis and the like. Or maybe you are worrying of something else, my kids fees, I have no shoes or clothes, there is this event I have to attend etc.

In contrast and how ironical this world may be, someone is worrying not about his/her kids, not about the holiday nor shopping in their houses, not the clothes, shoes or hangouts and primarily not the debts that he/she has accumulated so far but their life. Someone longs for a breath. Someone deeply convinces their poor relatives and friends not for money because they have none but for prayers because He will hear. Someone is always in call with their pastor for that prayer. Someone is always crying to the Lord for another day for another breath of air. The question is, ‘Are you so much favored that you cannot be in their state?’

Purity Mwaura
Purity Mwaura sits on a hospital bed

Purity Mwaura is 36 years old. With 3 little souls to care for, her hope is that she may live long enough to see her kids grow into these beautiful sons and daughters that will one day be men and women of substance. She is an orphan, no father or mother or someone she can at least think to lay her burden to. Her husband left her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer on 06/02/2015 at Loitokitok District Hospital. Her 1st, 2nd and 3rd operations drained her dry. Yes, she has no money, a poor farmer she is and yet too weak to work. She’s broken into painful pieces of thoughts and sleepless nights. Her children are under the care of her mother-in-law.

Purity Mwaura

She needs at least Ksh. 25,000 for chemotherapy, she was to have her session last week but funds struck her hope down. The more her sessions are delayed the more the pain she undergoes.

Guys, Purity has got no health insurance like me and you, she may not have that effect to the general public that they make immense contributions to her course, maybe her circle of friends and relatives cannot afford her medication, she may not have connections like me and you but the fact is that we all have connections to one supreme and sovereign being, God. #IAmTeamLoitokitok are contributing towards her medication and we would more than wish that you join us to help this lady. Question: What are you doing for humanity despite the gain to your own self? To satisfy your own needs and wants? I may not have all it takes to fully pay for her medication but I have the platform to share with you the motive to empower a single woman in pain. Kindly help me make her kids jump in jubilation with smiles on their cheeks as they see her mother well again and under her care. Most of all keep her in your prayers.

This initiative was started by one Sally Naisula, she works at the Loitokitok District Hospital you can reach her on +254 722 235903 should you wish to make her contribution. You can also reach Purity directly through 0708322766 – call her, comfort her and wish her get well soon, it is the strongest thing she needs at the moment.

#IAmTeamLoitokitok #Loitokitok4Loitokitok #IStandWithPurity



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