Christine Kipaaya story
Christine Kipaaya story

“My fellow human beings, raped me, a widow and as if that wasn’t enough, they went ahead to KILL me.”

Christine Kipaaya a widow from Enderkesi, Loitokitok in Kajiado County must be turning in her grave.

A cook at a school, finishes her day’s work. It’s evening, she heads to a nearby homestead that had a function during the day, a function she’d purposed to attend but couldn’t. She arrives, gives her contribution and get served with tea. A witness says, something was added to her tea – not a normal thing. An investigative report done by Lmaa Girls Group indicates that her boyfriend got called and was informed that the lady is in that particular homestead (Figure the basic Maasai neighbourhood).

It’s is important to note that, the lady and the boyfriend were not in good terms at the time. Christine is shown where to spend the night and when the boyfriend arrived, he was shown where she was putting up. They’re heard arguing, she does not want to lay the boyfriend, boyfriend insists, they get into a tough struggle, she gets overpowered and the man rapes her. Yes, sex without intercourse is rape. After he was done, he goes out and joins his friends who were waiting outside, four in number. Feeling like a hero, who just won the thousandth zero world war, he gives his friends a node to have sex with the lady, poor thing, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th beast rape her. She’s left in a critical condition. The family she’s staying with are confused, they arrive at a quick decision to take her out. They get the services of a bicycle, they ride her miles away from the homestead and leave her at a ditch. They do not want to be blamed.

Christine struggles through the dark and cold of the night in her critical condition. It’s morning, the following day, her strength is gone. She calls for help in a deaf voice, a Tanzanian man passing by, tries to help her out but he is unable to. He calls Christine brother-in-law and on arrival the brother-in-law is unable to help her -“I cannot view my sister-in-law’s half naked body, NO, I cant.” More help is called and Christine is taken to a nearby dispensary. Her soul faint, she’s put on drip.

She passes on at around 9am leaving behind 3 boys and one girl. The culprits are known and are still at large. When will justice be served? When will Gender Based Violence (GBV) end?

I write this equally pained and ashamed at the same time, why? It’s fellow men who did this with green light from someone she claimed to love – the boyfriend. BUT, I am a MAN of sound mind. I seek consent for intercourse. I don’t fight women, furthermore, I will never kill the source of our morals, the carriers of of our life, the breasts I happily got lovely prolactin. NO! I shall rise to defend them, I will defend the bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.

I, therefore, request YOU lover of humanity and advocate of life to join other humans of goodwill on Friday, 23rd April, 2016 to condemn Gender Based Violence in society at Christine’s neighbourhood in Enderkesi, Rombo. I am informed there shall be transport to and fro Nairobi.

Among other actions being taken are legal actions that will see the culprits charged with several counts including murder, violence.

*It’s important to note that this piece is meant for information and cannot be relied upon as first hand info.



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