I met Nalepo in the Kipaya Initiative that saw a great number of women turn up to fight for the rights of one Christine Kipaya who was molested at Enterkesi village in Rombo. I had heard about her and requested an interview with her.

She looked bold but worn out, perhaps from the slating she faces from her community. Perhaps she is constantly reminded to step down as she cannot contest with men as old as her father. I did her an interview and this is what she had to say.

1. What are your real names?
My full names Hellen Nalepo Merin.

2. What motivated you to declare your interests to be our next MCA?
The problems of the people of Rombo ward motivated me to declare my interest to vie for MCA 2017.

3. Being a woman, what are the challenges you face in this race?
Me being a woman in this part of the world has been challenging, am mocked and insulted. l also get abusive calls sometimes and am told l should be in the kitchen and not in a field of men.

4. You have faced opposition as a woman trying to contest with all names said upon you, has this affected you?
Am not affected by all this at any point because l know l have my constitutional rights just like men. Am an empowered woman and abuses will not stop me.

5. What will be your greatest interest in development?
My first interest in development would be our rural roads. People of Rombo are in deep slavery due to bad roads, this will be followed by schools and hospitals.

6. What are the local leaders currently doing wrong?
Our current leaders are not meeting with the common mwananchi and that’s why they fail in their leadership. Leaders should have meetings in order to get the real picture in their respective areas and negotiate on issues that are worse and plan the way forward.

7. Why should the people of Rombo ward vote for you?
I would love to tell the people of Rombo ward to vote me in because l have the will to work wit them faithfully.

I believe it is one’s constitutional right to declare their interests in a parliamentary seat despite their gender. This calls for women empowerment in Kajiado South.

Should you be an aspirant or know an aspirant in Kajiado County who would like to build his/her portfolio online, declare his/her interests and show the wider majority what he/she has to offer to the residents he/she will stand for, kindly email editor@loitokitok or call/whatsapp/text 0722 244 844

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