A man in Pungoma or is it Bungoma? has once again created content for the local dailies and blogs by pulling stunts on the helicopter that delivered the body of the late Jacob Juma. I tend to think Mr. Saweh Wanjala has seen so many movies and thus decided to pull his stunt to make a national scene.

I love how he jerks his feet when the helicopter gets closer to the ground as one of, maybe his pals who seemed to be a potapota driver rushes to maybe pull him down. Maybe Wafula had taken his girlfriend and he decided, ‘I will jump with a place for ya’

Alaine sings to Wafula as he hangs on a plane

Or maybe the plane went with his flask

Helicopter ikienda na flask ya Chai

So our Makmende looked like this after the flight…


Moral of the story: You do not need a visa to fly on a plane. At least for this guy, one day he will be narrating to his grandchildren how he flew on a plane and give this video as evidence.



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