Kajiado County
Kajiado County

Is it just me or is Kajiado county losing its profound status in the socio-economic and political scene? I mean seriously, the very enterprising fellows from central, Luo-land, the highlands, Kamba land and the coast are busy establishing local content, showcased in their local T.V stations and broadcasting in vernacular countrywide. They are all battling for a slice of the airwaves to inform their people and we are still stuck to about maybe 2 radio stations which can’t get any clearer a Kilometre past Mlolongo. So how else can our people maintain relevance and bask in the heritage of the beautiful masai land known overseas for its richness in culture? If we needed to showcase music, sports, art and culture across a wider platform a strong radio & T.V presence will be imperative. We have a county scenario where musicians, artists and social welfare groups have insufficient platforms; and the wacky politics of the day takes centre stage on nearly every little platform available from the WhatsApp groups to the Facebook groups. My concern is that we are almost losing relevance in a national perspective;

What if I put it in this light…Assuming Kenya is a classroom and the students are the 47 counties; the class teacher is the deputy president and the Principal is the president.

Then, Nairobi County would be the rich but spoilt kid whose father is a prominent man. He has buttered bread and a tall glass of milk every morning. He gets a handsome pocket money too but he is always caught up in squabbles in school over mere allegations of craftiness. It came hard on him one day after he was found in possession of his classmate’s textbooks which got him very embarrassed. It is said that some members of his family had a line of pick pockets and this may explain the incident. However, their home is often a buzz of activities as they are fond of hosting quite a number of prominent visitors on a regular. So, his classmates don’t really respect him but they respect where he comes from.

The class prefect is obviously Meru County. His classmates elected him prefect because he had the ability of staying alert in class most of the time. Must be the herbs they grow in their farm. It however works well for him because he can manage his class affairs and is quite a manager.

Then Embu is the kid who joined form one with impressive marks but since then, he’s been performing dismally since he got introduced to a bunch of ill-mannered friends and almost got expelled at one point because of theft allegations. He looks deprived of sleep nowadays but it’s probably because they have domestic issues, one of his uncles visited the weekend but since then, he made himself a life-time guest forcing Embu to make do with the couch.

Bomet is the noisy chap who even once made it to class prefect but is always worried about sharing a table with the big boys over lunch time. He seldom gets their attention and so misses a chunk of the otherwise fattened share the rest get and so he is always grumpy. His performance is never predictable but at least he doesn’t fall in the bottom 10.

Now Kajiado is quite a character. His classmates hear he comes from a very wealthy back ground but he never seems to show for it. His home has enjoyed good security for the longest time now because his uncles always got top security positions. They can even afford to rear animals in their backyard. He has potential to outdo all other classmates but he always forgets his priorities in school. One day he squandered his fees and bought himself an expensive mobile phone to impress his juniors. He gets broke too quick because of such and so he normally wouldn’t have enough to last him the term. He therefore, constantly looks forward to the next pocket money as he watches his classmates having the 10 o’clock sweet Mandazi every day.  He appears to be on the move from time to time doing something unknown to his peers but his locker is always disorganized. His books are never borrowed by anyone in class due to his half written notes and doctor-like handwriting; few class mates ever give him a visit. He skips lessons in class due to self-imposed inconveniences and later never bothers to take notes from his immediate neighbour, Machakos who always tops the class.

Machakos is the lad who barely made it to high school due to a rough back ground. His father barely had enough money to put buttered bread on the table let alone taking him to school and so he made do with dry maize and beans. Nevertheless he still made it to high school and tops his class from time to time. He even takes a bath on a regular while at school because at home, bathing water is limited to one jug. He however, impresses particularly with his industrious and outspoken nature. He is smart and has a clear imagination of what he wants to become in life. He is the chairman of the debate club and secretary of journalism club. He accommodates like-minded classmates and has won the admiration of the principal and his class teacher. One day he was invited to the Principal’s office for a cup of high tea. His cousins were jealous of him saying that he always likes playing darling of the house, but they were shocked when the principal decided to pay his home a visit one day over the term breaks.

The other fellas in class consist of either a group of spectators, a bunch of bookworms, the athletic group, the disadvantaged, the vertically challenged and the clueless. All in all, they made the cut and have a chance of becoming something.

In summary, the reality of the matter is the right connections and associations will always do well.  The Visionary are builders of a new dawn, they work with imagination, insight and boldness. Period!

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