Loitokitok Vote BAKE Twitter Header
Loitokitok Vote BAKE Twitter Header

So the #BAKEAwards happened and we took the fourth place in our category with 618 votes. LifeinMombasa blog won in the category and would take this time to congratulate them for the good work done.

17. Best County Blog

a lifeinmombasa.com – Winner – 1578 votes
Prizes: Huawei GR5 Phone, 5,000 Safaricom Airtime and Samsung Gear VR
b http://county-yangu.com/default/ – 1168 votes
c http://kakamega411.com- 828 votes
d http://loitokitok.com – 618 votes
e http://laikipiaruralvoices.blogspot.co.ke/ – 579 votes

More of this can be found on http://www.blogawards.co.ke/2016/05/14/and-the-winners-are/

We take this time to congratulate our readers for the time spent in reading this blog, commenting and sharing our blog posts. We are much moved by the love that flows to our email addresses commending of the good work. May the Almighty God bless you abundantly. Let’s strive to make Kajiado county more than a place to be.

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