Former Rombo Ward senior chief Tumaina Mepukori passed on this morning 20th May 2016 at his rural home in Maili Tatu. The late has been suffering from diabetes for close to four years. He is known to be a role model to many in his career as a teacher having taught in local schools and rising to be the AEO (Area Educational Officer) in Namanga division and later becoming a staffing officer in Kajiado.

He is known to be a hero defying all odds of culture by educating all his 8 children (4 men and 4 women) The late will be remembered by the local residents and the citizens he served. We, at would like to send messages of condolences to friends and family of the late at these turbulent times. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

The Late Chief Mepukori and His Daughters
The Late Chief Mepukori and His Daughters

P.S There was a minor correction in the gender of children the late had. It was stated at 3 women and 5 men instead of 4 women and 4 men.



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