Moses Sakuda Maasai Politics
Moses Sakuda Maasai Politics

By Sironka Ole Masharen

In the words of Sonia Bleeker, her book The Maasai, “The picturesque Maasai is known not only to the large African world, but also in Europe, Asia and Americas…you look at him and he looks straight back at you, full of dignity and self-confidence”. This is just one iota of the world view of the Maasai.

It is against this perception that I strongly suggest political impartiality by the community. In this precarious time, marred by political brinkmanship between the Jubilee govt and CORD, the community should cultivate a culture of political maturity by desisting from being used by any of the protagonists for their own political end.

The Maasai, a former superpower in the region and now the epitome of cultural ultra-conservatism should think of forming a political outfit they can associate themselves with. I and the like-minded are ready to assist in this.

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Sironka Ole Masharen
Sironka Ole Masharen was born in Kuku village in 1964. He attended Illasit Primary School, Oloitokitok Boys Secondary Schools and Muguga High for his A-Levels. He rose to be a student leader at Kenyatta University crowned as the KUSA Chairman. He has taught in several Secondary Schools since 1991 and even served as a principal until the year 2003. He was briefly involved in parliamentary politics. He is a prolific writer, having authored the famous "Maasai Pioneers". He is currently researching, writing and authoring Maasai books. Email: