By Sironka Ole Masharen

Historians of my irk are pretty aware of how events shape and crystallize into revolutions. For instance, the riots leading to the capture of the Bastille in France on July14, 1789 triggered the beginning of the French Revolution. The Bastille was the symbol of tyranny and henceforth its fall signified the end of repression among the French people.

Is Kenya today slowly being led to this path of a popular revolution? Is the IEBC issue the crux of the matter or is it just being used as a decoy? Are there other simmering issues of a socio-economic nature that Kenyans hold dearly in their hearts?

Most importantly and judging from recent international events; is Kenya slowly forfeiting her place in the civilized community of nations?

Indeed, conditions in a society have to be very bad before men in any large numbers will rise against a democratically constituted govt. Remember that men will not risk everything for nothing.

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Sironka Ole Masharen
Sironka Ole Masharen was born in Kuku village in 1964. He attended Illasit Primary School, Oloitokitok Boys Secondary Schools and Muguga High for his A-Levels. He rose to be a student leader at Kenyatta University crowned as the KUSA Chairman. He has taught in several Secondary Schools since 1991 and even served as a principal until the year 2003. He was briefly involved in parliamentary politics. He is a prolific writer, having authored the famous "Maasai Pioneers". He is currently researching, writing and authoring Maasai books. Email: