Rwanda, genocide crosses in Kigali
Photo: David Pluth

Are Kenyans today being prepared for the inevitable shock of an inter-ethnic strife? Are the people of this country being driven to the slaughter-house as meekly as sheep?

Throughout recorded history, actions or inaction by self-absorbed kings, emperors, chiefs and politicians have been a regular cause of societal strife and resultant collapse. One would just cite vivid examples of Maya kings, Greenland Norse chiefs and more recently the Rwandan politicians.

Barbara Tuchman in her book ‘The March of Folly’ put it more succinctly, “Chief among the forces affecting political folly is lust for power, seen as most fragrant of all passions.”

The usual account of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda is said to be as a result of pre-existing ethnic hatred fanned by a power-thirsty political class for their own self-aggrandisement.

The genocide was a deliberate choice by the modern tribal oligarchy to foster hatred and fear in order to perpetuate itself in power. This small privileged clique first set the majority against the minority to counter a growing opposition within Rwanda.

The Rwanda of 1994 is very similar with Kenya today. What the likes of Kuria, Waititu, Kamanda and the like are up to is easy to comprehend in the sense of what competition for power is all about.

It is constructive to note that there were serious underlying problems bedevilling the Rwandan society including chronic inequalities. That served as the gunpowder inside the powder keg. With this, one just needed a cause: a match to light the keg! The negative political activities by politicians and the subsequent murder of the president on April 4, 1994 completed the whole unfolding scenario.

You can imagine the only thing remaining in Kenya for the scenario to unfold. Has Kuria spoken?



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Sironka Ole Masharen
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