Raila-Uhuru-Ruto-Kalonzo Photo: kuzabiashara.co.ke

By Benjamin Sironka Ole Masharen

Nothing demonstrates public lack of confidence on politicians than last week’s LSK demonstrations against extra-judicial killings vis-a-vis that of CORD on IEBC. The former was replicated in all corners of the country and took little effort to organize.

Unlike the more fragmented and often disjointed CORD protests, the LSK demonstrations were driven by clear purpose and well focused objectives. Truth be told, the anti-IEBC protests-cum-riots were aggravated not by national issues but by personal vendetta revolving around Odinga’s failure to clinch the presidency during the last elections. In fact this is one of the clever tricks Odinga is using as an attempt to save himself from the inevitable shock of ultimate political Waterloo.

On the other hand, the LSK protests resonated well in the minds of all and sundry. It captured the imagination of many including the oppressed majority who experience little or no security.

The LSK protests also brought to the surface the simmering discontent boiling underneath. This is a powder-keg that only requires a match to lit.

Finally, it is not lost in the minds of Kenyans that the Second Liberation of Kenya was master-minded by a group of prominent learned friends who included Paul Muite, James Orengo, Willy Mutunga, Kiraitu Murungi, Gitobu Imanyara and many others. However, political opportunism and narrow self-interest carried the day. The political class killed the revolution which would have taken Kenya to greater heights of socio- economic and political transformation.



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