Kenya Political Rally
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Am shoved off their clan because I do not support their preferred candidate. Am alienated from my own people because my views do not coincide with theirs. He is not full Maasai anyway, he doesn’t even know the language.

She is hated because she is too bold to say, ‘Hey dad, I know that our family friend and has been like an uncle to me but am sorry I do not see him fit for the seat.’ Another is seen as filth for not supporting family in politics.

East, West and central is this heap of insult, slander and a sewer of all that is filth coming out of individuals irrespective of age. The young will insult the old and in return, shoving maturity away, they will retaliate with a stream of ill conversations. Because I am not supporting this guy, any opinion I make is definitely an attack to him. Personal issues is unmasked to the public simply because one differed with another.

Your friend becomes your worst nightmare, your immediate family turns their backs onto you and you are left with a new title. One given by the maestros in political lingo. You are now stamped a sycophant, one who wants to salvage the best out of the pockets of these politicians. 

In the name of cheap politics, strong relationships have failed. In the name of cheap politics, people have become liberal and misused their right and freedom of speech, all this hidden behind keyboards. They say of what is perverse, contrary to their religious politics and what virtues they hold. Cheap politics has harmed reputations and torn respect that there was between people. It is hard to see the young and old exchanging insults on a Facebook comment.

So, is it about who is right and who is not? Is it about your clan, your family, your friend or is it about facts and a leader capable to lead with example? How many more souls will be torn in the name of cheap politics? How many more lives will be taken by a demeaning word or two typed by a cowardly keyboard warrior? It is so sad that after the mayhem, the hate, the slander and the insult, people will always resume to their normal lives. And the sycophant will come to my house asking for salt as he laments why the leader whom he fought to tooth and nail for aint picking his calls when he will then affirm, such is life.

Politics is a season and leaders come and go but the words you let of our mouth and the thoughts you let reside on your cranium are just as vital and core to our daily lives.



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