Loitokitok is growing and most people have widened up their vision to do the extraordinary. One of them is a resident at Loitokitok who seeks to meet the stressing need of accommodation in Kajiado South.

For one to get good accommodation in Kajiado South, one has to either seek shelter in a modern home or at the numerous lodges in Amboseli National Park that cost an arm and a leg.

The hustle to get good accommodation, food, and a modern local joint has driven one resident in the area to construct a state of the art facility that will meet the needs of the many residents in need of a posh place to relax and the many tourists in transit.

There has also been a great need for a modern, clean and well-equipped conference hall facility. Previously, local NGOs and corporates have been using the Loitokitok Social Hall that is not fashioned for conference meetings and/or activities.

Located at the entrance of Loitokitok town, the building will have a basement, three floors, and a rooftop. In which the basement will contain the building’s offices, a modern bar and two rooms open for business. The first floor will be home to the reception, an exquisite restaurant and some guest rooms that will be well furnished to create a homely experience.

The second floor will also have both single and double guest houses some which will have a good look of the beautiful Loitokitok town and its environs. The conference rooms will be housed on the third floor while the rooftop will be fashioned to create an ambiance of serenity for the visitors.

Photographers will pay frequent visits to the beautiful garden that will grace the hotel’s environs. With plenty of parking, the residents will also enjoy their nightlife in the fancy lit and cozy bar.

What’s more? With the abundance of water from his own borehole, the owner also has thoughts to build a swimming pool. This will make the place not only a safe haven but also a must-visit place once construction is done. The owner seeks to invest as much as he can to offer the best service not only in Kajiado South but also in Kajiado as a whole.



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